Feb 092012
GTO London

GTO London

GTO London was established in 2010, founded and directed by Victoria Lyon, who having grown up surrounded by exquisite classic cars had the inspiration and drive to begin this collection. It evolved out of a passion for classic automobiles, Ferraris in particular. Each design owes its distinguishing features to the elegant interiors and components that grace these glamorous automobiles.

The origins of GTO London have evolved from a long and passionate background in precision engineering and classic Ferrari cars; this drives the thinking behind the brand. Working alongside the renowned GTO Engineering business, we have unrestricted access to some of the world’s most rare and beautiful classic cars.

Having grown up surrounded by an ever changing selection of beautiful classic cars, Victoria Lyon was inspired from an early age to design and create luxurious products. GTO London has grown rapidly in its short life and has become a truly unique and increasingly popular company.

GTO London Silver