Corporate Service

GTO London Corporate


GTO London is now offering the custom service to corporate customers, who desire a unique and memorable gift for their guests, employees and further stakeholders.
The corporate service offers the entire range of fine gentlemen’s accessories, including charming cufflinks, tie pins, key fobs and high grade luxury leather wallets. All of the accessories are hand crafted using whichever materials you desire, from stainless steel to Real Ferrari Metal, extracted from some of the worlds most celebrated and iconic motor cars.

The tailoring of your product can be subtle, using methods such as engraving your company logo or personal message; more personal touches can be added via colour alterations and bespoke design features. To complete your gifts you can opt for GTO London’s customisable packaging, which beautifully stores and presents your chosen accessory in the finest material.

Also available to corporate customers is GTO London’s exclusive service, a process which will see your accessory designed, engineered and signed off totally from scratch. Your unique design will take form exactly as you wish, hand crafted and finished with the materials of your choice. This method of accessory creation ensures total individuality, which is never replicated.